"My three year old daughter recently changed daycares, and one of the first things she came home with was headlice. I had the opportunity to use your product and truly believe that it is wonderful. The other shampoos seemed to "strip" the hair and make the hair impossible to comb. My three year-old's hair combed right out and was very shiny. Of course, I treated everyone in the house. My oldest daughter, who had used other lice products in the past, wished that we would have had your shampoo originally. I really appreciate the opportunity of trying your product and would definitely use it again in the future."
- N. Paul, Chandler, TX

"I was tired of using harsh lice shampoos on my daughter, especially since they did not work. Schooltime Shampoo® got rid of the lice and was gentle to use. Having lice in a child's hair is awful, but having to use harsh, toxic shampoos is even worse. Schooltime Shampoo® gently washed away the lice and kept them away. We haven't had a problem again in over a year, even though there were many lice outbreaks in the school."
- J. Mayfield, Austin TX

"I was very impressed with the shampoo. It contained no harmful chemicals, yet it rid two of my student's hair of lice and left the hair soft, shiny and healthy looking."
- T. Gullett, Bells, TX

"I called and ordered your product, Schooltime Shampoo® and it has worked wonderfully. Four of us, two adults and two children, had been exposed to headlice. My wife had an extreme case. We used an over the counter remedy, actually I used one twice within 2 days, and my wife and both kids used it once. It did not work at all. My wife still found live lice on our heads. When we received your product, we were a little more than skeptical, but it has worked a miracle in our house. Not only are there no more live lice being found, the nits are coming out easier also. There is enough of the shampoo that all of us can have 3 applications apiece. Three applications of any over the counter remedies would cost a small fortune and the stuff doesn't work anyway. Your product has been a lifesaver for us. We hated using the other products because of the ingredients that they contain that are toxic to humans and animals. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating such a great product that actually does what it says it will do. I will recommend it to anyone that I know that has lice infest their household. You are more than welcome and feel free to use our testimonial on your website. You can even use me for a reference if other customers are skeptical and would like to talk to an actual user of the product. I would be more than happy and proud to help. Best of luck in the future and God Bless You. You have no idea what you mean to our family."
- D. Clements, St. Louis, MO



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