Total head lice control has been a worldwide problem for thousands of years. Originally pesticide containing products worked successfully in killing lice and eggs and eliminating infestations. After years of pesticide use and misuse, lice have grown more and more resistant to these products and it has become very difficult to clear infestations and remain free from rapid re-infestation. In addition, consumers wish to use safer products on their families and within their homes.

BioSafe Technologies, Inc. is the developer of the pesticide free Schooltime® Shampoo, the first clinically proven product to successfully meet today's requirements for a complete lice control formulation. The product will quickly eliminate lice and their eggs and control rapid re-infestation from newly hatched eggs and daily exposure to highly infested environments.

We encourage you to visit our website and learn more about the many unique properties of Schooltime® Shampoo and a sister product Schooltime® Spray Away for maintaining elegant lice free hair in an entire household.



In my years of treating families for head lice, I have used every non-toxic lice treatment product on the market. BioSafe's Schooltime® Shampoo, by far, outshines them all. Other products have left bugs actually CRAWLING in the hair after a treatment, but Schooltime® Shampoo worked the first time and every time since! When I'm at a client's home and they are desperate for help and panicked, there is no time to experiment with products that may not work. I continue to use Schooltime® because it WORKS. Plus, there's no need to use additional "combing solutions" because Schooltime's® coconut oil base allows for ease of combing and leaves hair shiny and soft. I won't waste my time experimenting anymore!- The Nit Nanny
Lexington, KY

Schooltime Shampoo®

A head lice shampoo that has been used successfully by millions of satisfied customers.


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Schooltime® Spray Away

A Pleasant Scented Finishing Spray to Help Maintain Lice Free Hair
Excellent for Quick Comb Outs and School Head Checks



Metal Comb

FDA Approved, Clinically Tested to be 100% Effective
Ergonomic Design For Easy Grip


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